Have you agreed to sex, involuntarily?

Our campaign has six short films on sexual violence

You may have agreed to involuntary sex for various reasons and are afraid of not getting the right treatment once you open up about it. We want you to feel confident that professional support is available.

It is often difficult to seek help as a victim of violence, but it can be even more difficult as an LGBTQI person. You may be worried about not being taken seriously and being treated badly. It can be more difficult to seek support from your LGBTQI community because you do not want to disclose your partner. They are loyal both to their partner and to the community and do not want to contribute to the reinforcement of stereotypes and homophobia.

If you have been or are a victim of domestic violence, you can get free counseling, support and crisis management at our Counseling Center.

You can also turn to the trans, youth and women’s shelters in Skåne, the social services in your municipality or the police for support and help.